Pros and Cons of Knee Surgery

Pros and Cons of Knee Surgery

Knee surgery replaces damaged knee joints with artificial ones. Many people have got satisfactory results nonetheless it cannot be denied that there are some complications associated with it. What the final outcome is varies between individuals. Post operation, usually you will manage to lead a quality life which is devoid of any kind of knee pain. With enhanced mobility and less pain, you can do all your day to day chores with less complication and thus lead a more comfortable and independent However, you still need to be careful and not do any strenuous exercises that might put stress on your knee joints.

Knee surgery drastically reduces knee pain and with reference to a recent study, the success rate has been close to 100%. Many patients have been satisfied with their decision of going in for the knee surgery. Once you are done, your will manage to do a greater range of movement and at the same time be much more flexible. It may not be as good as the original knee but you can notice the improvement in your movement and freedom from the restrictions of painful life. The artificial knee implanted is a mark of advancement in science and technology. These knees are long lasting however problem may arise if you put on weight that in turn will put a lot of pressure on the knees.

Risk factors are associated with any kind of surgery. However, the complications with knee surgery are few. One needs to be extra cautious post-surgery to avoid and avert any kind of medical complications. Blood clotting is a very common after effect that a patient may experience. This happens when the blood clots in the lower part of the leg and this needs to be avoided with special medications. Other general complications may include excessive bleeding, unfavourable reactions to anesthesia or damage to nerves, blood vessels and bones located near the operated area. The replaced knee joint is made from metal and plastic, hence, one may have allergy to the metal parts. It’s advisable to go in for a medical test to detect whether or not you are allergic to metal.

Wound healing sometimes presents a difficulty after knee surgery. The skin lesion over the knee at times does not nurse back to health completely. Parts of the skin might die after surgery. This is a major problem which happens very infrequently. Therefore, the patient needs to be very careful to prevent this situation. If at all it surfaces, one has to go for skin for skin grafting and protect it from further infection.

Nevertheless as preventive measures the doctor prescribes antibiotics for the knee surgery.

Knee pain is not easily curable; however with the help of proper knee surgery and remedies you can cure knee pain. Keep in mind however it is not advisable to rush to knee surgery – rather know the pros and cons of knee surgery before you select it as a measure to do away your knee pain.