Pain Behind the Knee – Symptoms and Treatments

Pain Behind the Knee – Symptoms and Treatments

Excess weight (either body weight or the weight of the objects that you carry around) intensifies the load on the supporting muscles and ligaments of your knee while you perform your daily chores. This increases the likelihood of injuries taking place and the process of degeneration of bones is also faster. This causes pain behind the knee.

When there is some inflammation in the joints of your knee, making forward and backward movement of the knee while walking or climbing stairs can be a cause of pain behind the knee. You must follow the guidelines of the physiotherapist closely, who will advise you on the correct posture to maintain while you are in the process of lifting and carrying unwieldy objects.

A weak hamstring is another cause of pain behind the knee as the hamstring muscles are instrumental in helping you to bend your knees. The quadriceps and hamstrings are the prominent muscle groups that are the workhorses helping us to move our legs and bend our knees.

To keep your knees free from injury and for your knees to remain supple, it is important to keep the joints of your knee strong and flexible. The best remedies for pain behind the knee are to rest the knee with the application of a cold compressor whenever possible and take adequate steps to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

In chronic cases, it is advisable to consult you medical practitioner for undergoing a specialized course of treatments. On examining your particular condition and finalizing the cause for the pain behind the knee, the specialist may recommend that you wear knee braces. These braces help to protect the natural actions of the ligaments and also ease the feeling of soreness in your knees.

Several types of gym equipments are suitable for remedying the pain behind the knee as they can aid in strengthening the weak muscles that support your knee joint. Before starting the exercise regimen, you may have to seek the advice of a physiotherapist who will suggest exercise sets that will help you to avoid stressing your affected joints.

New anti inflammatory drugs and better surgical techniques to reconstruct your damaged knee joints and the surrounding tissues have increased the success rate of the surgical procedures to remedy the causes that contribute to pain behind the knee. Patients are found to recover more quickly and are able to use the joint to a certain level of function without any pain behind the knee.