Knee Pain and Arthritis: You Don’t Have to Suffer Anymore

Knee Pain and Arthritis: You Don’t Have to Suffer Anymore

I was like you: years ago I started having knee pain; it worsened with time to the point that:

I could no longer walk normally; I found myself limping often and I was no longer able to move my right knee as I used to: it seemed to have lost much of it earlier flexibility. I remember so vividly how I was in Vegas with my partner and, whilst having a fantastic time as we always did there, all I could think of was my knee pain; I was limping so severely that I looked as if I was walking with a massive cast all over my right leg. The pain was, needless to say, excruciating.

I could no longer sleep well because my knee pain was constant; lying in bed brought no relief and there was not one single position I could assume which would even remotely relieve me of some pain.

I tried with all sorts of painkillers but they never worked for me: the pain would never go away. Then, one day, as I was struggling to move around in my garden, I noticed that my right knee was now dramatically swollen: it looked and felt as if water had formed around it, under the skin. I was scared; it was the day when I envisaged that, sooner or later, I would have to function with the help of walking aids, at the very least and, in the worst case scenario, with a wheelchair.

I am a self-taught type of person and I always want to find out my options before I take a course of action. I also tend to favor natural or ‘healthy’ ways to achieve perfect health or recover from sickness. Thus, I began researching supplements and other natural ways to stop my disabling knee pain and arthritis.

There are many natural supplements which can help against knee pain and knee inflammation (including knee swelling): these include, above all, meadowsweet, which is supposed to help against pain and inflammation in any affected area of your body; at the same time, it’s a powerful astringent (it tightens tissues) and has fever-reducing properties; finally, it also helps your body eliminate all excess fluid, which means it’ll contribute to relieving your joint from the liquid formation all around it which may cause swelling (it certainly did in my case).

Other supplements include willow bark, butterbur, St John’s wort and Jamaican dogwood.

I take omega 3 and Evening Primrose oil, as well as Vitamin D and calcium as a general preventative measure for the future; however, I also concentrate on ingesting a lot of inflammation-reducing foods and inflammation-reducing supplements and herbs.

Moreover, when I was at my worst (just after my horrible experience whilst I was in Las Vegas) I started homeopathic treatments to help my body ‘help itself’ and treat the ’cause’ of what made it so vulnerable to knee degeneration.

Today I have regained complete mobility of my knee; I walk, I hike, I go to the gym, I walk up and down stairs, I sleep like a log and I do absolutely anything and everything I used to do when I was a teenager.

This could be you too.