4 Simple Ways to Cure Knee Pain – Just by Eating the Right Foods

4 Simple Ways to Cure Knee Pain – Just by Eating the Right Foods

All around the world millions of people suffer from knee pain. Even if none of your friends have mentioned it, at least one of them will be experiencing some kind of knee pain, however mild or not so. You are definitely not the only one suffering, and there are many ways of ending your pain. The medical field suggests many ways of doing so, such as losing weight, surgery, medicines and just generally doing more exercise.

Surprisingly, there are many foods which can help. Examples of these are:

Aloe Vera. This plant contains many useful nutrients that help reduce inflammation. It is particularly effective for knee swelling. It can be bought from almost any health food shop. It has a slightly bitter taste, but can be mixed if the taste is not to your liking.

Fruits. Some fruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C, an important vitamin throughout your body. Vitamin C helps to lower our risk of developing lesions in the bone marrow. Fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C include kiwi, papaya, oranges, mangoes and grapefruits, so it is recommended to eat these.

Fish and Fish Oil. These often help to soothe pain throughout the joints. Some fatty acids contain Omega-3, which blocks protein that wears down cartilage in the knees. It can however, cause inflammation if you have osteoarthritis, which can be extremely painful, and is very bad for the body. I personally would recommend eating oily face twice a week, but a daily supplement of fish oil can be extremely good for you. The fish containing the most Omega-3 are mackerel and salmon, they contain many fatty acids.

Apple Cider Vinegars. This is a well known home remedy, which can treat a number of more common pains and aches. I know many people who will strongly recommend this, as they take one teaspoon of it daily, and it has worked wonders for them. You can receive arthritis pain relief in many parts of the body from taking these. Apple Cider Vinegar tablets will be easy to get hold of, especially at your nearest health food store.

Soy Products.These are a less known remedy for knee pain, but work equally well. They contain isoflavones and plant hormones, which are anti-inflammatory. If you consume any sort of soy products for a short number of months, less pain will be felt. Soy products are usually either soy milk or edamames.

However, if the pain becomes unbearable, I will always recommend that you should visit the Doctors’, where your Doctor may give you a prescription course of medication.