Knee Joint Pain Prevention – An Effective 10 Minute Exercise Is All You Need

Knee Joint Pain Prevention – An Effective 10 Minute Exercise Is All You Need

Knee joint pain remains one of the most common joint pain complaints. The knee joints bear the total body weight. During movement this pressure acting on the knee joints are 3 to 5 times that of the weight. The functionality of these knee joints never cease. Whether it is in the day time or during sleeping hours. The only relief from the weighing down pressure is probably during at rest or sleep.

All you need is a simple and yet effective knee exercising routine. It takes just 10 minutes of your time on a daily basis. This will keep the knees fit and healthy.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joints affects a great population of the elder people. Joint pain tends to surface as one grows older. These weight bearing joints are prone to become less flexible. Cracking or popping sounds during movement maybe heard as well. Subsequently pain or inflammation are natural conditions that follow.

Typical joint pain remedies deal directly in suppressing these symptoms. Pain killer and anti-inflammatory drugs tend to work decently in addressing the joint pain. It can also delay its progression. It is beneficial to be conscious about keeping our knee joints healthy. Effective exercises is a good idea.

This simple 10 minute knee joint exercise routine is based on the Chinese acupuncturist’s theory of energy flow in the body. For a healthy person the energy flows throughout the body in a fluent manner. This is much like a drainage system without blockages. Pain around the joint occurs when this energy flow is impaired. This means the blood flows within the body is not balanced.

The way to maintain a healthy knee joint only requires you do a 10 minute daily massaging routine. This exercise can be done with a clenched fist beating lightly onto the required knee areas. They are:

• the outer of the knees (lateral collateral ligament) for about 2 minutes

• the inner of the knees (medial collateral ligament) for about 2 minutes

• behind (concave part) the knee caps for 2 minutes

• the knee caps (patella) for 2 minutes

• walking in kneeling down position on your knees for 2 minutes

For people who have difficulty walking in their kneeling position, it is recommended that this be substituted with massaging the back of the knees for another 2 minutes. This has the effect of a hard press to the anterior ligament and the medial and lateral meniscus. It improves energy flow. “Beating” can be substituted with presses or light massage to the above areas which are relevant acupuncture points.