Erasing Joint Pain: Energy Clearing

Erasing Joint Pain: Energy Clearing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take an eraser and rub out your pain?

Like a pencil mark on a paper, pain is very noticeable. But once you erase that mark, you can forget about it completely. It no longer grabs your attention. And when a pain goes away, we easily forget it was ever there.

But how can you erase a pain?

One way, which is probably the most popular one, is to mask the pain with drugs. But that does not really solve the problem.

Another, which is our subject here, is to remove the cause of the pain and then the pain must vanish.

The Cause of Joint Pain

In order to remove the cause of the pain, you must know the cause of the pain. And this is where it gets interesting!

You may think of the cause of your joint pain as an athletic injury or the repeated stress and microtrauma of sitting at a computer or standing for long hours. You may say you cannot undo the injury and you cannot go back and undo all your years of typing or working on your job. And you can’t even stop now or you would lose your job. So how can you remove the cause of the pain?

The Hidden Cause

While you may not be able to stop or reverse the mechanical cause of your pain, there is another approach that can help. There is another cause of pain which usually goes undetected and unaddressed. It is a more subtle cause and so it requires a more subtle technique. But the results are often as dramatic as taking a painkiller.

This hidden cause of much of your pain is conflicted energy. Like static on a radio or a virus on a computer, energy conflict within a system causes that system to fail. It simply cannot function properly. But once you tune in that radio station or clean up those computer files, everything can go back to optimal functioning.

A Viable Alternative

There are many energy workers using a variety of techniques that can help you with your joint pain. They can open the way for true healing in your joints. Find someone who inspires confidence. You will probably do best when you work with someone with whom you resonate well. Once the dynamic life force flows through you in an unconflicted way, you may very well notice an instant diminishment of your pain. In time it can completely disappear. For some, this process is very fast. For others it can take an extended period of time.

Erasing the Pain

The joints of the body create the most exquisite movements of human expression. But when they hurt they can cause some of the most excruciating moments in your life.

When you seek out an energy worker to help you with your joints, you are not masking the pain. You are erasing the pain by correcting the cause. And when you’re dancing again, you probably won’t even remember the pain at all.