Is Surgical Treatment For A Knee Injury Right For You?

Knee injuries and pain occur in many different ways,whether it be from an injury, disease, or be associated with aging, i.e. some type of arthritis, gout, or wear and use of the joints. Determining if knee surgery is right for you depends on many factors. I don’t think we are far enough into the new health care program that we want to have someone else determine if we have enough years ahead of us to warrant a knee replacement or not. That is another story for another time.

Factors for you to consider in determining if knee surgery is the best route for you to take should at least include the following criteria. Initially, the type of injury and the amount of damage to your knee as well as any future damage that might occur if you do not have surgery. Another thing to consider is your lifestyle, including your work and the sports that you may be involved in. In conjunction with your lifestyle is your willingness to modify your activities and sports after surgery. Paramount also is your willingness and motivation to rehabilitate and strengthen your knee after surgery.

Unless you have a compound fracture where the bone is protruding at or through the skin, or other severe injury, and it is recommended by your doctor or orthopedic surgeon, it is not usually necessary to have surgery immediately. In most cases you will do better if you wait until the swelling goes down and you regain full range of motion in your knee.

You will want to discuss with your doctor any reservations and/or questions that you may have concerning surgery as well as any other options that may be open to you. Some situations such as a locked knee or if the blood supply to your knee is severely comprised, you will have no alternative except to have surgery. Knee surgery can be a great alternative to the pain you may be experiencing as well as returning the mobility that you had prior to your injury or illness.

By Arsya