Knee Pain When Bending: What to Do When Your Age Starts To Catch Up to You

Knee Pain When Bending: What to Do When Your Age Starts To Catch Up to You

When your age begins to catch up to you, it seems like the pain from all the injuries that have accumulated throughout the years do too.

I like most was once more head strong than smart, with my eyes on the prize during sporting events, and causing trouble to the neighborhood with my incredible stunts, but lately, with everyday that goes by, my body doesn’t seem to think the same anymore, especially with the knee pain when bending that I now suffer through.

Don’t get me wrong, my body may have aged, but my heart hasn’t. I still want to experience canoeing in the outdoors, climbing Mount Everest, or playing soccer with the boys, but my body doesn’t seem to have the same thoughts as I do.

Nowadays particularly, it appears as if I experience knee pain when bending just doing ordinary tasks Every step up the stairs, or every time I want to pick up things from the ground, the pain becomes too much to handle.

Normally, I would use it as an excuse to escape from the cleaning and vacuuming that my wife believes is so important even at this age, but lately, it has become so serious that I can’t even seem to concentrate or get any work done let alone go out for soccer with the boys due to the knee pain.

The tenderness of the muscle ligaments come alive during the night, and my knee caps feel like they’re exploding in spurts of pain. It hurts so much that even trying to bend my knee when I get up becomes a problem.

The knee pain when bending gets so bad that sometimes I have to just lie in bed for the whole day. It is such a waste of time, especially when the weather’s good and I would so much rather be out in it.

The pain and injuries accumulated through youth stays with you even when you’re old; even though, it appears as if the injuries have healed, the side effects still linger. This is particularly true for knee injuries.

It was becoming such a big deal that my wife started talking to her friends. They may be yappy, but boy, do they have great remedies for pain relief especially for knee pain when bending. I have to thank them all for the pain-free life that I lead today, and the fact that Sundays is now Boys’ Soccer Day!

Turns out the remedy for knee pain when bending was simple; in fact, I had the solution right in my backyard. The secret to easing knee pain when bending came right down to water exercises.

Simple daily exercises in the pool like walking exercises can help strengthen the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the knee, and end up easing the knee pain I was experiencing. It takes consistency, but the result was tremendous.

Regular exercising can cause a lot of strain on the knee due to the stress of your body weight, but water exercises lifts up the body weight, and allows the knee to actively exercise underwater. It really is a fairly simple concept!