The Story Where a Doctor Said I Was Wrong

The Story Where a Doctor Said I Was Wrong

A Case where the Doctor said NO, I said YES and I Won

Let’s go back to the beginning. We very often take our body for granted and assume that we’ll still be able to do the things we could when we were younger don’t we? Then something comes along and kicks us in the proverbial.

This happened to a colleague some time ago and as the editor of several health sites I used my knowledge to assist him to win a tennis tournament at his local club. Doesn’t sound too serious does it but of course, it’s all relative to the individual.

He found that as the years went on the pains in his knees got so bad that he couldn’t enjoy his tennis at the level he wanted to play. Even in bed he couldn’t put his knees together when he turned sideways due to the pain when they touched. His Doctor suggested that it was something he had to accept with age (heard that before?)

I suggested he took some time off from tennis and put him onto a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement. I warned him that it would be a couple of months before he felt any benefit and he should stick with it.

When he told his Doctor that he was on supplements the Doctor smirked and asked him how he thought the supplement could do its magic on his knees as these things need to travel via blood to have any effect. He contacted me to asked if I was sure of my facts. I then told him of my experience with the same problem many years before and that he should simply wait.

The pain gradually subsided and he started some light training to see if it might bring the pain back. Apparently his Doctor had coincidentally attended a course on alternative medicines and learned that, in fact, test had proved that Glucosamine does help joints and (sort of) apologised.

I’ve already told you that he won his club tournament and OK, he may not be quite as fast as 15 years ago (although he thinks he is.) Two things to note, his opponent was 20 years his junior and the pain didn’t come back.

The moral of the story is that although we need our Doctors and all the skill they posses, they can’t know everything and more and more now firmly believe in alternative procedures.

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