Prevent the Onset of Knee Pain

Prevent the Onset of Knee Pain

A lot of people tend to ignore the immense stress that knees endure on a daily basis. This way, we hurt our knees unknowingly and then suffer knee pain and discomfort. Therefore take care of the knees from a very early age and this will help you to avoid knee pain or knee surgery in future. The knee joint has great functionality, but it can only bear stress to certain level. As time passes, the knee gets worn and knee pain starts surfacing due to various reasons. Knee surgery becomes the only option. Consult a doctor if the knee pain lasts more than 48 hours as this may be a serious issue. Nevertheless, it is better to take preventive measures to avert the knee pain than to proceed to knee surgery. Remember knee surgery is the last recourse and there are several other means to counter knee problems.

Stretching is a very important exercise that one should to do before onset of exercise as this can prevent you from sustaining any long term knee injury. This can help you to prevent knee injuries and also make your work out routine more comfortable. When you get stiff hamstrings, a lot of pressure is put on knees and this often leads to knee injury. Hence stretching becomes imperative to relax your knee muscles and prevent them from any form of knee injury. Do not overdo it and make it a point to do these exercises under proper guidance as this will allow you to combat knee pain. This way you can avoid knee surgery.

Getting the right pair of shoes is also vital as it can be instrumental in helping you prevent knee pain. If the shoes that you’re wearing are not comfortable and are extremely worn, then it’s a good idea to discontinue with them. The main function of the shoe is to provide proper cushion and comfort to the leg. If the cushion impact is absent in your shoes, your knees and legs are directly affected and as a result you suffer from knee pain. The knee is the main joint in the leg that facilitates movement, so it becomes essential to take proper care of them. A great way to ensure this is to get a pair of shoes that offers support to your leg when you walk or run. It is advisable to change your shoes after using them for 500 miles of running. All these collective measures will help you prevent knee injuries and consequently you can avoid knee surgery.

Frequently, the cause of the knee injuries has been due to a sudden increase in one’s work out pattern. The sudden increase in the running or exercise adds extra strain to legs and knees which may cause injury. Therefore, ensure that you increase your work out regime gradually so that your body is able to adjust. It is recommended to add at most five percent to the running distance to prevent any kind of injury. It’s also a good idea to consult a trainer or expert to understand what kind of work out routine you should opt for that does not put strain on your knees and helps you prevent any form of knee injury.

The knee joint plays a major role in our day-to-day life, so it is very important that we take extra care of them. Whether you have knee pain now or not, plan ahead to avoid it by following the right steps as it is a very important joint in the human body.