Knee Pain Relief – Glucosamine and Chrondoitin Or Not?

Can glucose chondroitin help runners knee or offer knee pain relief? Several studies have been done to prove or disprove this notion, with the largest one not being released until this fall so until then we must rely on the running world. Which still seems to be split. Ask one hundred runners and you’ll get anything from a straight up no, to some, while others swear they have been healed. There is no down side to glucosamine. It’s practically harmless. Glucosamine is more effective than its counter part chondroitin, and much cheaper. There seems to have been a significant rise in the use of glucosamine and chondroitin combined in the last five years, but it can’t be predicted if that’s the success of the supplements or the recall of drugs like Vioxx. Vioxx is a prescription anti-inflammatory that was recalled.

It has also been proven that glucosamine combined with cat’s claw can greatly offer knee pain relief and help rebuild the joint within a shorter amount of time than chondroitin and glucosamine combined. Glucosamine can help but it is not a miracle pill. When choosing the right glucosamine it is essential to go with a large, long lived company because there is little regulation on these supplements in the U.S. Many supplements are imported and FDA is too overwhelmed to monitor everything. That is why the company’s reputation and history is important. After starting a supplement regimen, remember to keep it up for 3-6 months to give it time to help you.

Everyone’s body responds differently but one thing is consistent: natural supplementation typically takes longer than prescription medicines. However, the side effects are quite often positive benefits, instead of negative effects. For instance, glucosamine with cat’s claw is an excellent supplement that offers knee pain relief but is not limited to the knees: it helps alleviate all joint pains. So be patient and consistent. Whether you are dieting or treating a specific problem like knee pain or even heart disease, it always pays to be patient and consistent.

By Arsya