Knee Pain And Physical Therapy

Hello, this is Danny Hamil and I’d like to share some information with you on how you can eliminate the knee pain or joint pain in your life. Many times self-care measures are not enough to control the pain and swelling in your knee and promote healing of an injured knee. Other measures, such as physical therapy, is needed to strengthen the muscles around the knee and help you to regain knee stability. This goes back to the same adage that I have said many times and that is that your pathway to a pain free life must include muscle strengthening exercises.

Physical therapy will usually involve strengthening the muscles in the back of your thigh (hamstrings), the muscles on the front of your thighs (quadriceps), your calf, hip and ankle muscles. Many of these exercises can be done at home, while others may require weight machines that can be found at your local clinic or athletic club or fitness center.

You need to consult with your doctor or physical therapists prior to beginning therapy. Your doctor or therapists will set you up on a rehabilitation program that is best suited to your injury or pain.

In the early stages of rehabilitation, you work on re-establishing a full range of motion in the knee. You then progress to exercises that will strengthen your stability and balance. Next you work on training that will strengthen the muscles that are specific to your activity or injury and this will help to eliminate future injuries. You can normally expect to be back to your normal daily activities in as little as two or three weeks. The importance of continuing the rehabilitation and strengthening of your muscles i very important to help to eliminate future knee problems.

By Arsya