Don’t Let Fall’s Cool Weather Cause Hand Or Knee Pain, Use These Tips

Don’t Let Fall’s Cool Weather Cause Hand Or Knee Pain, Use These Tips

Fall’s loom means a lot of time outdoors prepping your landscape for winter’s impending arrival, or partaking in seasonal fun like pumpkin carving or baking seasonal cookies and apple pies. Hand injuries may be the last thing on your brain during this demanding and happy season, but professionals warn that many autumn activities necessitate repetitive motions that may advance to problems, or aggravate existing conditions of the hands and knees.

One in five American adults has received a diagnosis of arthritis from a health professional, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And, by 2030, 67 million people 18 and older will have been diagnosed with arthritis, the CDC estimates.

Whether hand or knee pain is triggered by a serious condition such as arthritis of the hands and knees or is just the result of overusing and overtaxing muscles, joints and tendons, it can prevent you from performing even the most simple tasks. Repetitive movement injuries are among the most common types of hand injuries, costing American companies more than $20 billion a year in worker’s compensation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports.

You can take steps to stop repetitive motion injuries this autumn, and to achieve pain relief if you exceed it, or suffer from arthritis of the hands.

Take this simple tips this Fall

Taking breaks throughout tasks that require repetitive motion is an important way to help avoid hand pain and possibly injury. It’s worth putting off some errands – like raking leaves – for as long as possible. Instead of raking every week (or even every day), use your lawn mower’s mulching setting to cut up the fallen leaves into small particles. The natural mulch will be good for your lawn, and the exercise of walking behind a mower will be healthier than the possible back and hand strain that raking can cause.

For activities that involve fine motor skills and hand strength – like carving a pumpkin – it will also be vital to take a break. If you already have a condition like carpal tunnel or arthritis, it’s essential to relieve wrist pain or hand discomfort before you take on a task that could make it worse. An assortment of supportive braces, like the SmartGlove by Imak, are available to help provide wrist support while doing repetitive motions.

Pain relief should be at your finger tips reach

If you’ve already been identified with arthritis, carpal tunnel or another hand ailment, or if you simply overdid it, it’s important to find easy, speedy ways to achieve pain relief. Hand pain can obstruct everyday responsibilities, from opening a jar to driving a car. Assistive devices can help relieve hand pain, and many easy-to-use options are available.

On its website, , the Arthritis Foundation rates and lists products that are customer-friendly or contain packaging that is simple to open for people with hand or wrist pain. Products like SmartGloves or Arthritis Gloves earn the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation for being comfortable, beneficial and simple to use. Pain relieving creams are also useful and safe. Look for menthol based topical analgesics rather than heat base creams with capsaicin (chili peppers). The medicinal herb Arnica has a world-wide reputation for its natural anti-inflammation properties and its ability to penetrate into the muscle tissue and relax tense muscles. Topical gels or creams can be safer to use over time versus oral pain medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen.

With some caution and preventative measures, it’s probable to enjoy all that autumn has to offer – free of pain and injuries.