Arthritis Knee Pain – Symptoms and Treatment

Arthritis Knee Pain – Symptoms and Treatment

Have you experienced pain from your knees while walking long distances? Do you easily get tired from walking? Do you get a painful feeling if you try to move, or just bend your knees? If so, then you may be suffering from arthritis knee pain.

Arthritis knee pain is a very common form of arthritis, mostly affecting all ages, but is mostly prevalent on adults aged 20 and above. This happens when your body does not get enough exercise, or you misuse your muscles (i.e. from over-exercising), and in effect, straining your joints. Early symptoms will show swelling or redness, accompanied with continuous pain felt all over the affected area. If left unchecked, arthritis knee pain will continue to develop; your joints will start to weaken and you will feel pain and sores all over your body, but mostly on your knees. Continued misuse, or rather, the lack of use of your joints may lead to more serious cases, with some cases leading to inability to use that part of your body, and sometimes, even death.

Fortunately, arthritis knee pain can be treated, and the treatment for arthritis and knee pain can also be done from home. But first, let us discuss on how we can prevent arthritis knee pain. Here are some tips and to help you avoid contracting arthritis:

Exercise. Have an active lifestyle, and do exercises when you have free time. Simple breathing and walking exercises will do just fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to allocate some time for your exercises, like for an hour or two. Do not overdo exercises too. Stop if you are tired or you feel your muscles straining from the continued use of it.

Do not live a sedentary lifestyle, or one who stays on the house for too long. A “couch potato” would most likely contract arthritis and other medical conditions than one who exercises regularly and eats properly. Have an active lifestyle, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet, this cuts the risk of you having arthritis knee pain and other medical conditions.

Obesity is also one of the main causes of arthritis. Cut back on fatty foods and junk foods, and replace it with nutritious foods. Always take vitamins regularly and sleep eight hours a day.

If you have already contracted arthritis knee pain, treatment, as mentioned earlier, can be done from home. This can be done in various ways, through physical therapy or by taking medications, or even both at the same time.

Physical therapy focuses on treating the muscles affected through simple exercises like raising and lowering your knees slowly. While it may seem ineffective, it has proven itself to be the contrary, as this procedure almost always treats arthritis knee pains by a large percentage, albeit slowly. Many sufferers from arthritis prefer this treatment, rather than the expensive medical treatment.

Medical treatment focuses on taking medications to lessen the pain, and also treat the affected area. Treatment is usually faster than physical therapy, but is more expensive, as you will need to continuously buy the needed prescriptions to treat arthritis.