Yoga Helps In Improving Natural Health

Yoga Helps In Improving Natural Health

All of us want to be fit and healthy but this becomes a little difficult with the lifestyle that we have chosen for ourselves. And this is where yoga steps in to help us to feel the serenity of the mind and body. Yoga is a kind of physical exercise that builds endurance and muscle strength. It consists of various poses that help to discipline the mind and body. It is considered to be the most effective and efficient way of exercising and staying in shape.

There are various mental, physical and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga. People practice yoga to improve their Natural Health and well-being. The word ‘Yoga’ implies a union of the mind, body and breath. Yoga originated in India and yoga practitioners in India relies on this exercise to attain spiritual and mental enlightenment.

Yoga Helps You to Quit Smoking

People think of various ways of how to stop smoking but they never succeed. But practicing yoga will help you to quit smoking. Yoga includes certain positions that are effective and will help you throw your cigarettes forever. These positions or asanas, if done on a regular basis, will make you feel calm and relaxed. It teaches you to breathe in a prescribed rhythmic and regulated manner that helps you fight any panic attacks that you might face because of some bodily reaction to low nicotine levels. The stretching exercises in yoga work on the muscles of your abdomen which help you to take deep breaths. These deep breaths fill your lungs with oxygen. Yoga is considered to be the most effective way of quitting smoking.

Yoga Frees You from Various Knee-Pains

Knee-pain has become very common, especially among older people. Old people suffer from acute painful arthritic condition. Not only old people but dancers and athlete also get affected by this pain. Yoga helps in knee pain relief. It helps in increasing flexibility and strength in both the inner and outer quadriceps. This helps in keeping the kneecap in alignment. Yoga poses and exercises help in strengthening the hamstrings, the calves, the quadriceps and the ankles. Also, yoga helps increase the blood flow and nourishment which is beneficial for the surrounding joints and ligaments.

Other Physical Benefits of Practicing Yoga

• The stretching exercises involved in yoga help lengthen and strengthen the muscles which reduce risk injuries

• Old people practice yoga to improve their balance as they find it difficult to balance their body in the old age.

• Yoga helps relax the muscles which, in turn, helps minimize muscle tension and muscle pain.

• Practicing Yoga helps in muscle-toning. It also helps in building endurance and stamina.

• One can benefit from Yoga in the sense that it helps to increase the energy-level and you are able to do daily routine work with more energy and strength.

• Yoga also helps the mind and body to relax.

Not only physical benefits, but yoga also helps in improving mental health by reducing stress and releasing emotions. Yoga helps to improve your natural health. It is highly recommended by all medical doctors.