What Is the Co-Relation Between Lunges and Knee Pain?

What Is the Co-Relation Between Lunges and Knee Pain?

Out of the many exercise methods that one has the option of choosing from, in order to maintain one’s body, lunges are the most effective for the lower body. A lunge is when a person sits in a position in which one foot is put forward while the other is kept behind. The foot that is kept behind should be lifted up in the air from the heel.

Doing lunches is not very easy even though it is an amazing exercise that helps to keep your legs strong and lean. It also helps in trimming down the thighs and hips, and strengthens the knees if performed the right way.

However, it is much dreaded by a lot of people due to the effort that it requires. What adds to the difficulty is maintaining balance over one’s leg as it usually leads to instability. In addition, the load on that leg which is touching the ground increases greatly, making it uncomfortable for the person to continue remaining in the same position.

Apart from being difficult to carry out, why people mostly dislike it is because it quite frequently causes knee pain. Knee pain may take place because it has been there already due to some other reasons or simply because the person could not maintain the proper form.

Moreover, if someone has just recently started the exercise, he or she may end up with pain because of not being used to being in such a posture. Thus, it is important to be aware of the correct technique of lunges in order to avoid pain, as it may become unbearable for one.

For people who are already suffering with chronic knee problems, it is very important to be careful before you begin with such an exercise. It is always sensible to consult a doctor or fitness trainer, and discuss your condition before starting the exercise.

If lunges are not done the right way, they can damage the ligaments around the knees permanently. This is why it is immensely important to take caution while carrying them out and make sure that you are only benefited from the practice.