What is possible with a DNA test?

Developments in the field of DNA testing have gone very far in recent years. Nowadays, you can do all sorts of things with a DNA test and find out about many things. Especially in health care, this is already very advanced and very important. They test whether you have hereditary diseases and whether you can pass them on to your child. This is all very important, but you can also find out more about your own body. Allergies can also be examined by means of a DNA test. In 2022, it will even be possible to order DNA tests on the Internet. You can do a lot with these DNA tests and even during pregnancy it can mean a lot to you. Do you want to know what you can test for with a DNA test? In this article, we will go into detail, so you will know all about it.

Paternity test

As a mother, do you not know who the father of your child is? Or as a father, do you want to know if you are the father of a baby? These are important questions, especially when the mother is still pregnant with her child. A pregnancy has to go well so that the child is born healthy. These questions can cause a lot of stress for the mother and therefore also lead to possible complications. A paternity test can change this, and it can also be done during pregnancy. These DNA tests can be done during pregnancy and pose no risk whatsoever to the mother or child. This can often be done from 8 weeks of pregnancy, and you can take the samples you need yourself. The mother must often have a blood sample taken from her GP, as this contains the child’s DNA. The alleged father can extract the DNA from the inside of his cheek with a cotton swab.

Fertility test

The fertility test can also be very important and for many couples it is an important test. Many couples try to have a baby, but often they do not succeed. This may be because one of them is not fertile enough for a child. This is of course very annoying, but who is not fertile? With a fertility test, you can find out, and you can order one on the internet. With a fertility test, you will know exactly how fertile you are and what your chances are of having a baby.