Treating Knee Pain – Do Not Delay

Treating Knee Pain – Do Not Delay

Treating knee pain right away will prevent a chronic injury. The sprain/strain of the knee joint can be alleviated with therapy such as ultrasound, icing, rest, and other physio therapies that relax and condition the muscles around the joint. Nutrition may also play a part in your recovery – deficiencies such as protein, magnesium, calcium and other minerals may have contributed to a sports injury in the first place.

Ignoring a pain in the knee because it is “not that bad” or you can’t take off work time will cause regret later. It is easy to get an exam at a chiropractor’s office. Swelling, range of motion, pain level, and muscle tension will be checked. An x-ray may be taken as well to determine the injury.

If there is no tearing around or in the knee joint, the soft tissues, inflammation and pain can be treated with ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound therapy goes deep into the tissues. It creates a vibration and friction, resulting in heat within the damaged cells. This stimulates circulation, speeding up the removal of dead cells and wastes, and bringing on the healing activities. It also brings nutrients from the bloodstream to the affected area.

When you start treatment and recovery, adding high quality nutritional supplements that support tissue rejuvenation is a good decision. High quality does not have to mean expensive or high dosage. Quite the opposite. A whole food derived supplement will help with knee pain and function, and does not need to be high dosage. Finding a chiropractor with experience in sports injuries (or ballet injuries, cheer leading, golf etc.), who also knows about nutritional support, is a real plus.

If that is the case, he or she will know whether to recommend support for ligaments, joint, cartilage or for all those tissues. If there is muscle weakness, a protein calculation for your daily needs may be done for you.