Seniors Knee Pain – You Can Stop Arthritis Joint Pain Without Taking Those Dangerous NSAID Drugs

Seniors Knee Pain – You Can Stop Arthritis Joint Pain Without Taking Those Dangerous NSAID Drugs

As seniors, we may find that the “Golden Years” might not be quite as golden as we expected. One of the most common problems affecting seniors is osteoarthritis-a wearing away of joint cartilage. Osteoarthritis is found in over 75% of the senior population and we are the most vulnerable group.

Sometimes, injury can cause this problem, but it’s most likely to be a wear and tear type of condition, that only gets worse if not treated. Over many years, we just use our joints a lot and the protective cartilage that we need, keeps wearing down.

As we continue to lose cartilage, the pain only gets worse. If it gets to where there is no cartilage left, then the only options available are painful joint replacement surgery, or more years of limited mobility.

What other treatment options do we have? Usually, most doctors offer a NSAID type of drug to help with pain control- and they can do that. However, they only work on the symptoms, but not the cause. So, while you may think this is beneficial, your vital cartilage keeps disappearing and you’re getting close to your last options.

If you’re not familiar with the NSAID type of drugs, they are heavily advertised, as they bring in huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them. The next time you see one of their ads, pay particular attention to all the deadly side effects they have. Some, such as potential internal bleeding, fatal heart attack or stroke, are just a few. They can also even speed up your joint deterioration. Think about all that for a minute. Is that “treatment” something you want to risk?

Fortunately, there is a much better way to deal with osteoarthritis. You can experience knee joint regeneration when you use a good natural supplement. You can stop the pain and begin to bring back the cartilage you need, without the use of any NSAID drugs

You’re getting a real treatment, instead of a band aid approach that only stops the pain. And, you don’t have to fear any negative side effects, as you would with the prescription drugs. A natural treatment has no side effects at all and will not interact with any medications you may now be taking. Get the knee relief you need.

In addition to the natural approach, try to work in some low impact exercise such as walking and also take another look at your diet. Walking can help build muscle around the joint and help provide additional support.

Your diet is important too. If it’s like the typical Western diet, some simple changes can make a big difference, not only in how you feel, but improving your general health as well. Also, if you have any extra pounds to lose, diet and exercise can help there too.