Posterior Knee Pain – What To Do When Your Injuries Catch Up With You

Posterior knee pain has changed my life. I crashed my helicopter and survived, severely injuring my leg. My daredevil days are over. The pain is excruciating. I can no longer operate the foot controls on my helicopter. I can barely walk. I can barely make love to my wife. Basketball is out of the question, so is bowling and ping pong. I am reduced to hobbling on one foot, using a walker or crutches.

Walking with crutches when you have posterior knee pain is a headache. You need to train your mind to the proper way to place your crutches when walking. It is much harder to do down stairs rather than up. You will find that using crutches will make your upper body much stronger, while your legs wilt away from non-use. Be careful, using crutches when the ground is wet. Crutches do not offer proper-grip in the rain. You will find that when you walk on crutches to posterior knee pain that you will end up with pain in your butt from falling down more than usual. Also, be careful not to trip on your own crutches! Always place them away from your walking path.

When suffering from posterior knee pain, just like a sunburn, you will be surprised how many strange people accidentally touch or bump into you right where the pain is. I find that it really helps to keep your knee wrapped in an ace bandage or knee brace. When you have weak joints, it’s good to provide additional support to the area affected. This will increase your muscle control and minimize movement in an unfortunate bump or fall.

Chronic posterior knee pain can really get you feeling in a bad state mentally. If you are used to an active lifestyle and then run across a knee injury you will hate being mired in inactivity. Running for posterior knee pain rehab is out of the question. Your best bet to repair your knee is by walking or riding a stationary bicycle. You need to do daily cardio to keep your attitude positive. Push ups, sit ups, dips and toe touches should be part of your daily routine. Posterior knee pain does not need to get you depressed. Work on your rehab and the injury will eventually heal itself and you can go back to an active healthy lifestyle. Just don’t crash your helicopter in the first place and you can avoid all these tips!

By Arsya