Knee Strengthening Exercises – Why They Are Essential To You

Knee Strengthening Exercises – Why They Are Essential To You

Knees are often suffers the highest impact areas of the human body when performing sports. Not only that, knee surgeries are also some of the most complicated to perform. So, you want to make sure that your knee is completely prepared for whatever sport or strenuous activity you go to.

There are many exercises and ways that will enable you to strengthen your knee. But, be careful: do not overdo these exercises since you will be risking injuring your knee – and other areas of your body for that matter – even before you practice any sport. Don’t take this lightly; I’ve seen it far too many people who tried so hard to prevent a knee injury, that they have actually created it.

Most of these exercises will be focused on hamstrings and quadriceps. These are the main muscles in your body that will prevent injuries from happening. You must not forget other muscles and areas of your body like calf muscles and hip abductors. Miss one of them and you might lose balance and support that will cause some serious injury to your knee.

One of the best exercises I know of is the quadriceps strengthening through leg lifts. This exercise involves you lying on your back, with one of your knees bent at a right angle with your foot completely fat on the floor and then raising the other leg until is leveled with the first one. Repeat 10 times this exercise while alternating legs.

Another good exercise is an exercise called knee dips. This exercise is all about balance and coordination. What you have to do is to stand with your knees flexed just a bit. Then, you will raise one leg and slowly lower yourself whilst your other leg supports your full weight. Do not bend or lean to one side and try to complete at least 10 dips.

Balancing is a major factor when it comes down to knee strengthening. There are many exercises available and you can choose the one that suits you best. All these balancing knee exercises can be made with the use of simple and common tools that you can find in your place. For example, a chair can be used for support while you balance your body by alternating legs.

Make sure that you have a full recovery of a knee injury before trying anything. Knee strengthening exercises are only good if they do no harm to your knee condition. They should be performed with caution and if anything at all happens, don’t be afraid of going to your doctor for further analysis.