Knee Pain When Bending – You Can Learn From My Lucky Motorcycle Fall

Knee Pain When Bending – You Can Learn From My Lucky Motorcycle Fall

Knee pain when bending was something I had never even considered would be a problem in my life before the accident. You see I was a young virile man who was up for any outdoor activity.

I had a motorcycle accident, twisted and broke my ankle. I was laid up on crutches for 5 months. I still limp after one year after the injury. I went from a strong “cardio” guy, to a bed ridden man, back to a strong man (try walking with crutches for a while) After the crutches the knee pain when bending has been the pits, not to mention my newfound lack of mobility, oh yeah – that’s a lot of fun.

Now I just walk slow like an 80 year old man with a bum knee or hip. I am 40 years old and in pain daily. Every time I bend my knee I feel pain and a hear a pop!

Oh, my aching knee! You don’t realize how good you have it until you lose a percent of your strength in your muscles or joints. Motorcycle accidents, sports injuries and other accidents can affect your joint movements making it hard to walk. Ankle, foot and knee pain from bending or excessive weight distribution can literally ruin your life.

I have to watch where I walk. I can’t step on unfamiliar surfaces. Luckily I do find coins when looking at the ground when placing my feet. I can’t walk down stairs because the ankle injury also twisted my knee. It get knee pain when bending to go down the stairs. Now all my muscles in my legs are different. The good news: I can hop and stand on my good foot for hours.

After you break your foot and twist your knee, you may want to move to the beach. It’s easier to walk on sand rather than on concrete. I could never work in an office on my feet all day again. My ankle is swollen at the end of every day. The knee pain is the worst part because I was not expecting it. However, after being off your feet for 120 days, muscles deteriorate. After 40 years old, you just don’t bounce like you used to.

I can only put 50% of my weight on my foot when walking before the pain sets in. I was recommend a few exercises for improving my knee pain when bending, damaged muscle and ligaments buy a pretty decent doctor.

First, roll a 12 or 16 oz Coke bottle under your foot when you are sitting. Second, touch your toes often, it will help you stretch your calves. Three, play a lot of billiards! Walking around the billiards table is good exercise! Finally do some squats. Even just a little squat, you need to strengthen your knees by bending them with resistance.

Even better, try not to emulate your stunt bike hero and crash your motorcycle. Drive slow. Wear a helmet. Make sure your passenger wears a helmet. Take a motorcycle road course and learn how to fall off a motorcycle. I was a klutz and fell off my bike awkwardly. Always ride with a partner. Your partner could save your life. My accident and my embarrassing knee pain when bending could have been prevented.

But like you since I have the pain I had to go looking for a solution. What I found was that I was not willing to live the rest of my life on pain killers because of the nasty stuff everyone has heard about them in the media recently.

I used tons of chondroitin and glucosamine supplements, I used some of the fish oil stuff too. Let me tell you burping that stuff all day doesn’t make you any close friends, whoa! None of those things did much really. I mean I didn’t notice much if any real relief.