Knee Joint Pain Treatment, Symptoms and Major Causes

Knee Joint Pain Treatment, Symptoms and Major Causes

The knee provides the maximum support to our body and bears all the pressure and force while standing, walking and running. Therefore any disturbance in the knee joint leading to knee joint pain can be most disturbing. Serious condition of the knee joint reduces the mobility to a great extent leaving the individual confined to indoors being cut off from the outside world.

The knee joints are surrounded by different ligaments and cushioned by padded cartilages that help in bearing the load while standing. The fluid filled sacs called bursae present around the joint serve as lubricators to reduce the friction between the tendons.


The symptoms of the knee joint pain varies according to the cause, on the timing of the day or while performing a particular activity. Different symptoms indicate different causes that require different treatment.

1. Popping sound in the joint accompanied by pain

2. Feeling of crunching and grinding

3. Locking of the joints preventing the bending and the strengthening of the knee.

4. Swelling, inflammation and redness on the knee

5. Knee pain accompanied by fever.

6. Sometimes the pain starts with the first step of the day early in the morning subsiding later.

7. Climbing stairs causing pain in the knee.


Knee joint pains are caused due to injury, aging or over activity of the joints especially in sports.

1. Arthritis is the most common cause of knee pain observed in aged people due to the degeneration of the cartilage which forms the support of the knee and is inflammatory.

2. Autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout also cause pains in the knee causing inflammation.

3. Chondromalacia is observed in younger women due to the softening of the cartilage in the knee.

4. Women suffer from knee pains after menopause due to low estrogen levels.

5. Bursitis that occurs inside the knee.

6. Calcification of the ligaments inside the knee can cause pains.

7. Infection in joints.

Treatment and medication

1. Exercises like swimming and cycling are beneficial in treating arthritis related knee joint pains in the early stage. In extreme cases knee replacement surgery is performed that helps to regain the lost mobility.

2. Application of ice packs and hot compresses relieves the pain.

3. Regular massaging of the knee with medicated and herbal oils like Rumatone Gold, eucalyptus, aloe vera gel camphor and menthol helps in reducing inflammation and the pain.

4. Drinking few cups of tea made from meadow sweet flowers, marigold is helpful in treating knee joint pains.

5. Opting for a low calorie diet to keep the body weight in control.

6. Sufficient rest should be provided to the knees with regulated movements to prevent deterioration of the condition.