Knee Joint Care

Knee Joint Care

Knee joint the largest and the most complicated joint of the human body that ferries the weight of whole body and hence is most susceptible to acute (Ex. ligament or menisci injury) and chronic (Ex. osteoarthritis) knee conditions. Knee joint is not only prone to UNUSED (osteoarthritis etc) injury but it also suffers from conditions of misuse or OVERUSE (Sprain, strain of ligament or cartilages etc). Knee joint is crucial role player in as simple as normal walking.

What you should do to maintain a healthy Knee?

– Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

– Indulge in some kind of physical activity at least 30 minutes daily

– Swimming is stated to be the best exercise, if possible go for it.

– Have a healthy diet including whole grains, nuts and fresh fruits in your daily diet.

Perform these simple exercises:

1) Sit comfortably on a chair with proper support on the back. Now perform simple leg raise and try pulling the ankle towards you to feel the stretch and hold it for the count of 10 and repeat it twice a day and during this maintain your normal breathing pattern.

2) Lie flat on a firm surface and place a towel roll below your heal and try to press it in a downward direction and hold the position till the count of 10 and repeat it thrice a day.

3) If no underlying condition persists one can also try simple squats and hold them for a count of 10 and repeat it twice with a normal breathing pattern.

4) Sit on a bed with back supported and legs spread forward. Place a towel role below your knee and put pressure over the towel with your knee and hold it till the count of 10 and repeat it thrice.

5) Cycling is recommended to be the best exercise for the knee joint if not possible to go for it then lie flat on a firm surface and raise up your legs and bend your knees and move them simultaneously.

What you should not do?

Avoid prolonged squatting and sitting.

Avoid any twisting or sudden jerks at knee.

Avoid any undue stress over the knee joint.

Avoid overuse by excessive exercise.