Is it a boy or a girl?

Is it a boy or a girl? That’s the question a lot of parents ask themselves when they are pregnant. Gender prediction is a common thing and a lot of old wives’ tales are just for fun, there are some science backed signs. These signs could show you if it is a boy or a girl. It’s a lot of fun guessing when you are expecting a child. Some people will say that it is a boy, because the belly looks bigger. Some people think it is a girl when the belly is small. But did you know you can also test if you have a boy or a girl? There are a lot of prenatal diagnostic tests, like peekaboo, that can clue you in the babies sex. How does the Peekaboo gender test work? In this article, we will tell you everything about it, so you know exactly how it works.

When do you use the Peekaboo gender test?

Out of any DNA-based gender tests, peekaboo can be performed as soon as 7 weeks into the pregnancy. This has an accuracy of 99% and is ideal for couples that wanna know the gender fast. The test has superior equipment and methodology, which makes the testing possible. The test is not validated for earlier than 7 weeks and shouldn’t be used that early on. You can buy the testing kit before these 7 weeks, but it is important you don’t use it yet. The funny thing is, Peekaboo guarantees the accuracy of the test and will even give you money-back if the gender of your newborn doesn’t match your result.

The baby gender test is completely safe for the parent and for the baby. The test is non-invasive and the only thing that is required is the blood of the mother. When you are planning to take the test, it is super significant that you keep hydrating yourself.

Why do you want to know the gender?

It could be really nice to know the gender of your child. It is not only fun, but also can be useful on some occasions. When preparing for the birth of the child, you could already make the baby room ready in your house. If you know the gender, this will be way easier, and you can also prepare way earlier. The same goes for the clothing, and this makes the test so good to use.