Avoid Knee Surgery With This Simple Exercise

Avoid Knee Surgery With This Simple Exercise

I’ve been there. I played over twelve years of professional football, basketball in high school, soccer before that. I hyperextended my knees more than I care to remember and wore knee braces most of my high school and college career. I remember looking for ANY solution I could find to stop the nauseating ache in my left knee. I took Advil like they were tic-tacs and used Bengay like it was going out of style.

Nothing gave me the relief I was looking for… until now.

I fell into the category of “don’t move around too much and your knee will be fine”. What a pathetic philosophy! Now I have been enlightened to the fact that exactly the opposite is true. What I am about to share with you came from a man that had BOTH his knees crushed after being struck by a car. After numerous surgeries, he was asked to go through one more but declined. Instead, he came up with this very simple yet effective technique to allow his knees to heal NATURALLY. I know, I know, that sounds too good to be true but think about it.

Is your body smart or stupid? If you cut yourself does it heal on it’s own or do you have to think about it? If you get sick how does your body know what to do to rid itself of the invading bacteria or virus? Sounds like it’s pretty smart to me. Did you know that the lining of the mouth regenerates every four days or that the entire skeleton regenerates after about 16 months? We are living, breathing creatures that are CONSTANTLY breaking down and rebuilding. This is the basis for the simple knee rejuvenation exercise.

Patellar tracking problems are not addressed in this exercise and should be diagnosed by your healthcare practitioner as they can lead to biomechanical problems with your gait and structural damage to the intrinsic muscles of the foot and lower leg.

Assuming the patella is tracking properly, the exercise is performed as follows:

Get some ankle weights from the local sporting goods store. Depending on your size, 10 to 25lbs per weight may be in order. Find a table you can sit on that allows you to dangle your feet like you used to do as a little kid. Put the weights on your ankles and dangle them with a slight swing back and forth (no more than a few inches). Do this for ten minutes each day twice a day and you will be on your way to pain free knees!

Here is how this works. The knees are the biggest joint in the body (no it’s not the hips… look it up). They involve the femur or thigh bone and the tibia of the lower leg. It is a synovial joint that includes a medial and lateral minuscus which are like thick cartilage in the joint to act as shock absorbers. There are also several ligaments involved but we aren’t concerned about those here. The miniscus can have small tears in them from basic, everyday wear and tear that accumulates over time. The ankle weights distract the knee joint during the exercise which allows fluid to be pulled into the joint itself. This accelerates the healing of the knee. A hot pack can be added to the knee to speed up the process by increasing the circulation to to area.

It’s that simple. Obviously, total ACL, MCL, LCL tears won’t be miraculously cured by this exercise, but for the everyday achy knees that just feel worn out, this works GREAT!