An Aches and Pains Lesson From Halloween?

An Aches and Pains Lesson From Halloween?

If the title of this article doesn’t peak your curiosity. I don’t know what will! For those of you new to my articles, I believe that chronic aches and pains can not only be managed through proper exercises and activities, but are also caused by toxic chemicals and substances found in foods and things we use everyday in our lives. So in order to manage that aspect you must eliminate the toxic food and substances that contribute to your issues.

Most of you have already read my complimentary report and know that I personally suffered for over 11 years with chronic aches and pains throughout my whole body. But through a lot of research and personal implementation I was able to eliminate all my chronic aches and pains. Now what does all of this have to do with Halloween? My Halloween activities this year brought a lot of what I teach full circle for me in a very direct way.

One of the things I believe is very harmful to you is soft drinks. No matter if they are diet or regular. From the processed sugar, artificial sweeteners (in the case of diet soda), artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, etc… Nothing in soft drinks is good for you. Besides what I talk about in my complimentary report, I also stopped drinking soft drinks, or soda as some of you call it altogether many years ago. A slip up over Halloween quickly reminded me why that is.

I went to a party on Halloween night, since it happened to fall on a Saturday this year. For adults Halloween in general is an opportunity to let loose and have a great time in a social setting, and that is definitely what I did. The night started out with great music playing, good food, lots of people. Not thinking about it I was later offered an alcoholic beverage mixed in a soft drink. I wont say which drink but most of you can guess 2 popular ones alcohol is mixed with. It tasted pretty good and I continued the night on this mixture. So for the first time in many years, without thinking, I was ingesting large amounts of a highly toxic soft drinks.

The next day I paid the price. The effects only lasted a day but they were a harsh reminder of what I had left behind. One of the first things I noticed is what felt like a lack of mobility in my hands. Almost like they were swelling up and a little arthritic which made them hard to open and close. Next were sudden, unexplained painful aches in my right hand, and my right knee. Pains and effects I had not experienced in close to 7 years.

A day later I was back to normal and will remain that way since I don’t plan on touching soft drinks again, just like I avoided them before. The lesson I learned years ago has been reinforced and I will definitely not stray from the path again. In addition to what I talk about in my complimentary report, stay away from all soft drinks. They are one of the many harmful chemicals contained in the things we take for granted today that only cause harm to our health, our bodies, and for some of us, contribute to aches and pains as well. Wishing you health and longevity.