New boundaries at next election

The proposed new electoral boundaries
The proposed new electoral boundaries

New political careers will be formed and some might well end, under the new guidelines for the next local elections in 2019.

Up to now the scenario was simple – Drogheda was one council – with 10 councillors. That will split into urban and rural and four and six candidates each.

The Ardee area remains at six councillors, but the shifting of Clogherhead into Drogheda Rural and Dromiskin into Dundalk throws up some interesting political movements. In turn, Mullary moves into mid Louth.

But who will be impacted most?

Drogheda Urban will be made up of six councillors and there will be much scratching of heads to see how parties will get their people in.

Initial calculations is that the Urban electorate will touch 31,000 and candidates might need up to 2,000 votes to get elected.

More than likely most parties will run two, but might only get one returned. Independents might also suffer with perhaps one getting home, given that FF, FG, Labour, Sinn Fein will all be pushing hard for one if not two.

The urban area will require a lot of debate. There are four seats and on present standings, Oliver Tully and David Saurin might be favoured to stand there.

With Clogherhead coming into the equation, local councillor – but in the Ardee district – Tom Cunningham, might have to make a decision to switch across.

Crunching figures will also be the name of the game in the Ardee district, not only for Tom Cunningham. Dromiskin is the heartland of Liam Reilly and he might be heading to Dundalk after that patch was cut loose from mid Louth.

With the addition of Mullary to that area, there could well be room for a strong Collon/Dunleer/Mullary candidate and reports last week suggested that FG’s Dara Farrelly could be an option, seeing that she lives in the Mullary area.

What FF do if Liam Reilly moves with Dromiskin also remains to be seen.

The overall plan will now have to be voted on by TDs before it’s excepted.

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