You might assume that any advances in cycling fabric technology are only for pros looking to shave milliseconds off their times or MAMILs seeking any advantage possible to make their weekend slog up Box Hill easier.

You would be wrong. Those marginal gains in fabric tech also trickle down into clothes for the everyday cyclist – the commuter, the lazy-ride-to-bruncher, the warm-weather weekender. The result of that is that you can now wear what appear to be entirely regular-looking clothes that actually contain sweat-wicking, odour-dampening, water-repelling tech, so you can be both comfortable and stylish on your bike.

Fill your wardrobe with these ride-ready garments and you’ll never need to carry a full change of clothes with you again.

Arc’teryx A2B Hardshell Blazer

Cycling gear doesn’t get much more dapper than this blazer, and we’re willing to bet it’ll be the only blazer in your closet that has a Gore-Tex membrane. Said membrane means it will fend off showers with ease while remaining breathable and not overheating when the rain eases, with the vented back also helping out here. Turning up the collar reveals a reflective strip, and there are also reflective panels hidden in the cuffs that you can pull out when riding in the dark. There’s only one downside here, which is the somewhat punchy price, but as an all-purpose stylish cycling jacket this is a surefire winner. £380, buy on

Rapha Randonnée Shorts

These slim-fitting, stretchy shorts have a high-cut back for cycling, and the fabric is also crease-resistant, so you can stash them in a suitcase without needing to find an emergency iron when you unpack. The breathable material dries quickly, making the shorts ideal for hot summer rides when you don’t want to change at the other end. £90, buy on

Arc’teryx A2B Commuter Pants

At first glance these look like a normal pair of trousers, but look closer and all manner of cycling-specific extras become clear (obviously only look closer in a shop – don’t freak out a stranger). There are reflective strips tucked under the back pocket flaps which you can pull down for night riding, as well as a zip pocket on the thigh which is easier to access when cycling than the hip pockets. Further reflective sections are discovered when you turn up the trousers, and the stretchy fabric is water-resistant. Not waterproof, but every little helps when you’re caught in the rain. £115, buy on

Vulpine Harrington

The definitive urban cycling jacket resists all but the very worst weather, has a cycling fit and magnet-sealed back pocket (magnets are easier to open on the go. And very cool. Magnets are cool) and is styled in such a way that it can be carried off anywhere. It’s pricy, but this jacket will serve for almost all occasions in almost all conditions from autumn through to spring, making it worth the outlay. And it‘s now available in black, navy or olive green. £150 (currently reduced to £75), buy on

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos

These excellent chinos have several cycling-friendly features subtly woven in, the best of which is the water-repelling fabric, which sees off showers with ease. There are also reflective details on the piping of the leg, which show when you roll them up for riding, and a reflective flash in the back pocket. Spoke also makes sure every pair of its chinos fit superbly with three build options, so if off-the-peg trews don’t sit right on you, these will delight. £129, buy on

Swrve Cordura Slim Fit Jeans

Like most trousers designed for cyclists, these Swrve jeans have a higher waist at the back to stop you revealing more than you’d like when bending over the handlebars, but they also have a lower waistline at the front to stop your belt digging in while riding. There’s also a seamless crotch for comfort, reflective details that reveal themselves when you roll the leg up, and a back pocket designed to fit a small U-lock. £80, buy on

Primal Rhapsody Hoodie

This casual hoodie has several sneaky design adjustments to make it ideal for cycling, such as long sleeves and a elasticated hem that won’t ride up, reflective strips on the sleeves and a handy upper arm pocket. The fabric is breathable and wicks away sweat like a champ, making this a fine pick for summer evenings. £75, buy on

Huez Softshell Sweat Crew

Every wardrobe needs a plain black sweatshirt and if said sweatshirt has ingenious reflective and water-repelling properties built in, then so much the better. Just imagine the amazed looks on the faces of those around you when you breeze through a summer shower with a bone-dry torso thanks to this magic jumper. £130, buy on

Vulpine Extrafine Merino T-shirt

Just about the most comfortable T-shirt you’ll ever wear in any conditions and one that really excels when riding. Cut to look good both on and off the bike, it’s made of “extrafine” merino wool, so it dries rapidly and resists smells like a champ. £80 (currently reduced to £48), buy on

Swrve Modal Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Stylish cycling gear can get pretty pricy, but you can stock up on the basics via American brand Swrve without breaking the bank. Its long- and short-sleeve tees and polo shirts are made with Modal fabric – which is comfortable and wicks sweat away in a similar manner to merino wool – and they’re available in several colours at a superb price. £20, buy on

Rapha Long Sleeve Summer Wicking Shirt

Ideal for the one or two days of the UK summer that hit the uncomfortably hot mark, or indeed for taking on holiday to sunnier climes, this lightweight shirt wicks sweat at a furious pace to keep you dry and comfortable. £100 (currently reduced to £45), buy on

Endura Urban Concrete Polo

A tight, cycle-ready fit and a plunging neckline that can be unbuttoned for extra ventilation make this great for riding. When you arrive at your destination, button it back up and you have a polo shirt ready for all your smart-casual needs. £59.99, buy on