We all watched Blue Planet II last year, right? So we’re all on board with the idea of dumping less plastic in the oceans and doing something about the mountains of waste we have already put in the water? Good-oh. In fact, we see that re-usable coffee cup in your hand and salute you (don’t return the salute, you might spill hot Americano on yourself). But if you want to go the extra mile in the next month, take part in the Adidas x Parley Run For The Oceans event and go the extra kilometre.

From 8th June until 8th July every run tracked on the Runtastic app as part of the Run For The Oceans community will add to a global tally, and Adidas will donate $1 to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program for every kilometre logged up to a maximum contribution of one million dollars.

Since 2015 Adidas has been working with Parley For The Oceans, an organisation that raises awareness about threats to the ocean environment, and particularly its Parley Ocean Plastic Program, which focuses on the major damage done by plastic dumped in the ocean. As part of the partnership Adidas has a range of Parley products made from recycled ocean plastic, including a special edition of the UltraBoost running shoe that re-uses approximately 11 plastic bottles per pair. Adidas has also introduced recycled plastic into its clothing as part of the Parley line, including Manchester United’s third kit for the 2018/19 season.

We all want to see the max contribution given to this excellent cause, so if you’re already a Runtastic user then make sure you join the Parley community, and if you’re currently committed to a different running app, then consider also tracking your runs with Runtastic at least until the one million kilometre mark is hit.

As well as the kilometres logged on Runtastic, Adidas will be putting on a series of runs in cities around the world to help rack up the distance and the donation as part of the Run For The Oceans campaign. In the UK the main run will be held in London on 17th June, and there will also be events put on through the Adidas Runners London running club. It’s best to join the Adidas Runners London group on Facebook if you want to keep up with any Parley events.