If your dad is a keen runner then you should count your blessings. Not only will he live longer thanks to all that exercise, but you also have an easy option for presents every time his birthday, Christmas or indeed Father’s Day rolls around. Runners love running gifts, so scroll down for a section of superlative pressies for Pops this Father’s Day.


Given that most running shorts offer, at most, one tiny pocket that’s too small to take anything bar a single key, a running belt is a very useful accessory to have on hand – especially when it comes to carrying all the fuel and entertainment required to get you through long training sessions in the build-up to a marathon. The Flipbelt sits against your skin so it won’t jump around in annoying fashion on the hoof, and its long narrow pockets can fit a remarkable amount of stuff. As an added extra, it also doubles as an excellent travel belt if your running giftee also enjoys globetrotting. £25, buy on flipbelt.co.uk, buy on amazon.co.uk

Jaybird Run

The Aftershokz Trekz Air headphones below are great for people who want to stay aware of their surroundings while running in busy areas, but for all-round functionality, the Jaybird Run truly wireless earbuds are just about the best running headphones going. The lightweight buds sound great, have four hours of battery life and can be recharged twice using their carry case – plus the secure fit means your giftee can up the pace without any fear of their new headphones falling out. £169.99, buy on jaybirdsport.com, check price and buy on amazon.co.uk

Periodic Table Runner T-Shirt

Sure, this is a tad niche, but nailing a gift is often a case of hitting the right niches. So if your dad is a fan of both chemistry and running, delight him with this novelty T-shirt. RRP £20, buy on amazon.co.uk


Is there any greater gift you can give a runner than removing the risk of chafing in the most sensitive area of all? Runderwear underwear is seamless and made with a sweat-wicking fabric so the wearer need never worry about irritation again. You can get Runderwear briefs, boxers and extra long boxers. From £16, buy on runderwear.co.uk

Stance Socks

What dad, nay, what human doesn’t love unwrapping a pair of top-quality socks? Stance socks have the technical details runners look for, like being constructed from quick-drying material that keeps blisters and unpleasant odours at bay. Plus, the fantastic range of designs means you’re certain to find a pair your dad will like. If your dad likes Star Wars as much as he does running, he’s really in luck – there’s a range of Stance running socks with designs from a galaxy far, far away. Or if you’re buying a gift for a new dad, the Street Fighter II collection may well hit the mark. From £11.99, buy on stance.eu.com

Physical Company Performance Roller

All runners should consider easing their aching muscles with some self-myofascial release, or foam rolling to you and me, and the need to look after your body only gets greater as you get older. So if your dad has been resistant to recovery tools, help him out by gifting him this excellent roller. £19.99, buy on amazon.co.uk

Ultimate Performance Elastic Lock Laces

These quick-locking bungee cord laces are a canny stocking filler that will save the runner you’re buying for valuable seconds every single time they tie their shoes before a workout. They will also be delighted to avoid having to retie laces with frozen fingers during cold weather runs. From £4.25, buy on wiggle.co.uk

Lululemon Surge Run Backpack II

An active commute is one of the best ways to slip a run into a busy day, but if you don’t have an appropriate backpack to carry all the gear you need for a day in the office it can be an uncomfortable experience. This lightweight 16-litre rucksack from Lululemon is big enough to hold a change of clothes and has a sleeve for a 13in laptop. The Surge Run II also has adjustable chest straps to secure the bag in place so it doesn’t bounce around while you run, as well as ventilated main straps with easy-access pockets for your phone and keys. £118, buy on lululemon.co.uk

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Medal Hanger

Pretty much all running events – from local 10Ks to World Marathon Majors – now reward finishers with a medal, so keen runners will quickly amass a vast collection of them. While some will throw them in a drawer and never think about them again, others will want them on display. If your dad falls into the latter camp, he’ll be glad of a wall-mounted medal hanger. The Runner’s Wall has a variety of hangers, and you can even customise the display if you like. You can also hunt down a great hanger on Amazon. £34, runnerswall.co.uk

Polar M430

The perfect gift for a beginner runner about to embark on several months of training ahead of a 10K, half marathon or marathon, the Polar M430 is an excellent GPS watch with heart rate tracking that will create complete training plans and guide you through individual running workouts. You’re basically giving dad a coach – aren’t you nice? £199.50, buy on polar.com

Aftershokz Trekz Air

Most runners already have a set of headphones, but those are probably boring “traditional” headphones that you need “ears” to listen to. These puppies, in contrast, use your bones to vibrate music straight to your skull. It’s not a gimmick either: this allows the ears to remain entirely open to other sounds when running – like that car coming up the road behind you. They’re also the only headphones allowed in all UK Athletics races, many of which ban regular headphones. If the runner of your affections hasn’t been good enough to warrant a pair of these premium cheekphones (as they’re not called), it’s good to know that Aftershokz offers other models, starting at £50. £149.99, buy on aftershokz.co.uk

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Garmin Forerunner 935

At almost £500 this is quite the gift to bestow upon your dad at Father’s Day, but remember he will have invested many times that in your food, accommodation, education and everything else it took to raise you into the fine upstanding citizen you are today. And the added bonus is that it will almost certainly make any gifts from your siblings look laughably poor in comparison. This is the best running watch on the market bar none. There isn’t room to tell you why here – check out this many-thousand word review of the Forerunner 935 if you do want more details. £439.99, buy on garmin.com

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slider

After a tough training session or race, runners need to show their feet some love, and the best way to do that is to get them out of sweaty trainers and into these cushioned recovery sliders. Many runners don’t consider this, however, which makes these sliders the perfect gift – they’ll be surprised AND grateful. In fact, you’ll probably get a text after every race they complete thanking you again. £30-35, buy on runnersneed.com

Tribesport Bibbits

Like the Hoka sliders, this is the kind of gift that runners won’t be expecting but one that will make their life a little better time after time. No-one, and we do mean no-one, enjoys fiddling with safety pins to attach race numbers to T-shirts – it’s a time-consuming ordeal that usually involves stabbing yourself in the chest repeatedly. These magnetic clips take all the fuss out of the process. Every runner should have some, but most don’t. £8, buy on tribesports.com