Selecting a cycling-related gift for a saddle-loving loved one – whether they’re a casual weekend rider or a diehard downhill bomber – can be tricky, but we’d put on money on one of our cycling gift ideas hitting the mark. So if you’re on the hunt for a Father’s Day gift for a cycling-obsessed dad, we’ve got you covered.

Escape By Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking And Touring Off-Road

If you’re starting to get bored with cycling the same routes on every Sunday long ride, imagine what it’s like for your dad who’s probably been pedalling the same roads for even longer. Fire up his imagination with this excellent account of what you need to know before embarking on a grand cycling adventure. Just don’t be surprised if he comes back to you in a couple of months with plans to cycle around the world. £15.95, buy on

Stolen Goat Harris Cycling Jersey

You can’t have too many cycling jerseys, especially when they look as good as this retro number from Stolen Goat. Maybe get two – you don’t want Pops looking more stylish than you on your next ride together. £75, buy on

Bikehut Complete Tool Kit

No dad should ever be short of the right tool, so give him this comprehensive toolkit to ensure he always has what he needs to hand. Hopefully he’ll be grateful enough to give your bike a quick tune-up with his new tools. £50, buy on


A handy navigation aid for the perennially lost cyclist, Beeline straps on to your handlebars and provides a simple pointer towards your final destination, along with the total as-the-crow-flies distance left to cover. The pointer system is easy to use and helps you to actually learn your way around while cycling, but if you want to plan a more detailed route you can set Beeline to point to a series of waypoints. £99, buy on, check price on

Zwift Subscription

If your dad spends a lot of time pedalling away on a turbo trainer while staring at a wall, you’ll earn massive kudos by gifting him a Zwift membership. Link Zwift to an indoor turbo, a TV and your broadband, and he’ll be able to cycle around the virtual world of Watopia, taking part in races and structured training sessions with other Zwift-subscribing cyclists from all over the world. It’s a perfect way to fend off the boredom of indoor cycling. Three-month subscription $45 (around £33.50), annual subscription $180 (around £134), buy on

Ass Savers Regular Mudguard

Many road cyclists don’t want the weight of permanent mudguards on their two-wheeled steed, but still want to avoid getting splattered when riding along wet roads. Solve their dilemma by gifting them these lightweight, detachable mudguards. £5.99, buy on

Milltag Stormtrooper Jersey

Know someone who loves both cycling AND Star Wars? Boy, are they in for a treat. Milltag has two special jerseys with stormtrooper designs – we fancy the black “Shadow” jersey ourselves. These are not novelty items only fit to sit in the closet either – the jerseys are made with high-quality technical fabrics and all the attention to detail you’d expect from Milltag. £75, buy on

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Track Pump

One of the most frustrating activities a cyclist can undertake is attempting to inflate a tyre with a rubbish pump, especially when working with the high pressure required on road tyres. This Joe Blow pump removes all the fuss from blowing up a tyre, and the person you give it to will thank you every time they use it. £22.99, buy on

Vulpine Waxed Harrington

This would be a very special present indeed – but your dad’s worth it, right? This jacket is the ideal all-rounder – it’s stylish, but has lots of cycling-specific built-in tech, like reflective trim, easy-access pockets and a cycling fit. It’s also well suited for riding in all weather bar very hot and sunny days, which makes it well suited for the UK. It’s eye-wateringly expensive, but you will make Dad a very happy camper if you push this his way on Father’s Day. £300, buy on

Eddy Merckx Cycling Cap

A cycling cap is an essential garment in any road cyclist’s sartorial arsenal and this quality Italian-made one bears the name of the great Eddy Merckx, whose absolute decimation of his opponents – 525 race wins – earned him the nickname The Cannibal. Can you think of a better nickname than that? No, neither can we. Phwoar. £12, buy on, check price on

The Art Of The Cycling Jersey

Does your cycling-mad dad own a coffee table? This beautiful hardback book belongs there. Author Chris Sidwells takes the reader on a colourful journey through the history of the cycling jersey, from the simple tops of the 1900s to the design glory days of the sixties and seventies, on to the let’s-not-talk-about-it era of the eighties, and up to the tech-heavy garments of modern-day Tour de France champs. £20.97, buy on

Tokyobike x Ally Capellino Rucksack

Trendy city-bike maker Tokyobike and its favourite bag designer Ally Capellino have joined forces to create a ready-to-ride rucksack complete with laptop sleeve, exterior reflective stripe, padded back and a hardy nylon construction. It’s absolutely smart enough for work, if the recipient manages to keep it mud splatter-free. £145, buy on

Perky Blenders Coffee Subscription

The lifeblood of the two-wheeled morning commuter. Ensure your gift recipient is sufficiently fuelled to get to work on time with a straight-to-their-door supply of small-batch, speciality grade and handpicked coffee beans, roasted in deepest darkest east London. £6.50 per delivery, buy on

Bike Shop By Dominic Clifford

The “no bikes in the house” rule need not apply to this pretty screen print of a classic English cycle shop by Dominic Clifford, whose work has appeared in the likes of the Guardian Weekend magazine and the New York Times. £50, buy on

Brooks JB Special Carrera Foldable Helmet

We crowned this the best-looking folding bike helmet and with good reason. Brooks has taken a classic helmet model and rejuvenated it with premium materials, leather detailing and a collapsing design that helps riders avoid the “should I lug it around all day or lock it to my bike?” conundrum. Fold it down before you wrap it up and not even the sneakiest of peekers will be able to guess what’s inside. £89, buy on