Most of my exercise is cycling related [Elton-Walters is the web editor of Cyclist] but I was getting back into running, covering distances of 5K at a time – 10K at most – so I needed something nimble that didn’t sacrifice too much speed for comfort over long distances.

The Roadhawk should have been perfect, then. The midsole FlyteFoam cushioning affords enough bounce for Asics to call it an everyday training shoe, and that same FlyteFoam is lighter than the standard material in other versatile all-rounders.

At first, these trainers fitted the bill – leaning towards the small side, but still comfortable, with little wiggle room or movement once they were on and laced up. I was able to accelerate away at the start of a parkrun and push the pace again in sight of the finish funnel.

For a couple of months, averaging around two runs per week, I struggled to find fault with these trainers and intended to wear them at some events later in the summer.

However, this grand plan unravelled one Saturday morning in late spring when I finished my local parkrun and discovered a huge blister on my right heel which matched the size and shape of a hole in that trainer’s lining. (I also ran a pretty shoddy time that week, but I can’t attribute that entirely to the trainer rubbing on my heel, unfortunately.)

It’s a real shame (the hole in the lining, not the time) as every other point on both trainers were very comfortable. The foam cushioning in the soles is just right for my weight (75kg on a good day) over the distances and at the intensity I’ve been running. I’m not sure these would stand up to a full marathon, but that’s not my concern, since you’d never get me doing one anyway.

The construction of the outers also stood up to some impromptu trail running and some sloshy runs across wet fields. But none of these pros cover for the big con that one corner of the right trainer wore through much sooner than I would have expected, and gave me a blister than was still giving me trouble days later.

I’d still happily go back to Asics for shoes that fit the kind of running I do, but I’d be looking to get quite a few more kilometres out of a pair than I have done from these.

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